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Cooking ingredients

Master the Art of Cooking with The Culinary Institute
of America

Watch all 24 episodes of "The Everyday Gourmet"
and get unlimited access to thousands more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part of your free trial!

Watch all 24 episodes of "The Everyday Gourmet" and get unlimited access to thousands more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part of your free trial!

Cooking Video

Take Your Cooking to the Next Level

Learn the foundational culinary skills you need to turn out delicious and impressive meals in this highly useful course taught by a chef instructor at The Culinary Institute of America.

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Course Overview

While cookbooks are pretty to look at and cooking shows are certainly entertaining, neither of them truly teaches the lost art of cooking; neither of them truly demonstrate the fundamentals and step-by-step strategies that go into creating a wide range of dishes.

The Everyday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking is a course of 24 highly visual and instructional lectures in which you’ll learn about and build all the foundational culinary skills you need to turn out delicious and impressive meals. Taught by Chef Bill Briwa—one of The Culinary Institute of America’s experienced instructors—these lectures show you how to cook and evaluate dishes, from starters and main courses to desserts and vegetarian meals. They also offer an expert chef’s insight into tips, tricks, and secrets that will elevate any dish you make from good to great.

24 Episodes (31 Minutes Each)

  1. Cooking—Ingredients, Technique, and Flavor
  2. Your Most Essential Tool—Knives
  3. More Essential Tools—From Pots to Shears
  4. Sauté—Dry-Heat Cooking with Fat
  5. Roasting—Dry-Heat Cooking without Fat
  6. Frying—Dry-Heat Cooking with Fat
  7. From Poach to Steam—Moist-Heat Cooking
  8. Braising and Stewing—Combination Cooking
  9. Grilling and Broiling—Dry-Heat Cooking without Fat
  10. Stocks and Broths—The Foundation
  11. The Stir-Fry Dance—Dry-Heat Cooking with Fat
  12. Herbs and Spices—Flavor on Demand
  13. Sauces—From Beurre Blanc to Béchamel
  14. Grains and Legumes—Cooking for Great Flavor
  15. Salads from the Cold Kitchen
  16. Eggs—From the Classic to the Contemporary
  17. Soups from around the World
  18. From Fettuccine to Orecchiette—Fresh and Dry Pastas
  19. Meat—From Spatchcocked Chicken to Brined Pork Chops
  20. Seafood—From Market to Plate
  21. Vegetables in Glorious Variety
  22. A Few Great Desserts for Grown-Ups
  23. Thirst—The New Frontier of Flavor
  24. Crafting a Meal, Engaging the Senses
Bill Briwa

Bill Briwa

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

A popular chef-instructor at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Bill Briwa has worked in the hospitality business as a professional chef and culinary instructor for experts and laypeople around the world for more than 30 years. He was the resident chef for The Hess Collection Winery in the Napa Valley, California; the executive chef for The Wine Spectator Restaurant at the CIA at Greystone; and an officer on the board of the St. Helena Farmers' Market.

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Instant, on-demand streaming of 24 half-hour culinary lessons taught by Bill Briwa — A popular chef-instructor at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

Cooking Brochure

208-Page PDF Guidebook

  • 208-page course synopsis
  • Full-color photographs
  • Recipe lists
  • Bibliography

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October 26, 2013

I wasn't sure what this would offer when I took the course, but it am thankful I did. I have cooked for decades, can follow recipes, but wanted to learn more. This course goes in depth on the basics. Includes philosophy behind why you do something like stir fry hot or poach, or what certain spices provide. It is set up as a follow along class with recipes, and you can jump throughout, but all the basic culinary skills are sprinkled throughout and you will gain a wealth of information. I respect the experience and cooking skills of Bill Briwa and have enjoyed making several recipes and learning certain tasks I have performed wrong up until now. Great information presented well in enjoyable lessons. Really gave me back fun and enjoyment in the kitchen!

Doctor A
Bend, OR
June 2, 2015

A superb presentation of culinary technique. Bill Briwa has put together an interesting, informative and professionally delivered course that is appropriate for the novice home cook as well as those more experienced in the kitchen. Both my wife and I are professionally trained and genuinely smile while viewing this excellent video series. It has refreshed us on many lessons well learned and has also pleasantly surprised us on several points that were unfamiliar. This is a comprehensive course of study offered in a format that should reach a broad audience of foodies... and those aspiring to become so. Well done Bill Briwa and The Great Courses! Highly recommended.

April 2, 2015

In the very first lesson I learned why a dish I had 'made up' was so delicious. I would have never figured it out by myself. The following lessons provided me with an understanding of the basic cooking tools and techniques. Now I can wander away from set recipes and begin to develop my own dishes.

Chef Briwa is an excellent instructor whose goal is to explain and demonstrate. Great course - and I'm taking other cooking courses by Chef Briwa. Who knows what I may 'cook up' next.