Exclusive Features

Enjoy short-form, exclusive features focused on timely, relevant, controversial, or highly specific topics.

Exclusive Features - Professional & Personal Growth

Adult Education in the Age of AI: A Panel Discussion
After the Trauma: Lessons from Marjory Stoneman Douglas
America: The State of Our Democracy
The Third Wave: The Future of Entrepreneurship in America

Exclusive Features - History

The Ancient Olympics
Going to the Devil: The Impeachment of 1868
Monsters Within ...
Apollo 11: Lessons for All time
Women of History
Tip of the Spear: A New First Americans Discovery
The Surprising Origins of Christmas Traditions
Black Capital: African Americans in Washington, D.C.
A Historian Goes to the Movies: Gladiator Fact vs. Fiction
Persuasion and Propaganda in Ancient Rome: Cicero's Oratory
Forgotten War: The Lasting Legacy of World War I
Hacking American Elections: Why We’re Vulnerable, and How We Can Stop It
The United States since 9/11
The Black Death: Did Humans Spread the Plague?

Exclusive Features - Music and Fine Arts

Great Guitarists' Stories and Styles
The History of Christmas Concert Music
How Hamilton Revolutionized the Broadway Musical

Exclusive Features - Science

Mind-Blowing Science
Viral Intelligence: What Is Coronavirus?
How Math Predicts the Coronavirus Curve
Coronavirus Outbreak: What You Need to Know
Interconnected: The Past, Present, and Future of the Internet
The Great Courses Professors Remember Stephen Hawking
The Opioid Epidemic: America's Deadly Addiction

Exclusive Features - Plus Pilots

Ender’s Game: Politics and War in Science Fiction
Plus Pilot: Treating Your Poisoned Pet
Plus Pilots: Character Analysis for Actors
Plus Pilots: Identity in the Age of Ancestral DNA
Plus Pilots: What We Know (and Don’t Know) about the Big Bang
Plus Pilots: Max Planck and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Plus Pilots: Thinking about Indigenous Cultures of the World
Plus Pilots: The Exciting World of Project Management
Plus Pilots: Understanding Human Emotions
Plus Pilots: The Great Fire of 1666
Plus Pilots: Building a Website with HTML and CSS
Plus Pilots: Engineering School for Everyone: Statics
Plus Pilots: Susan B. Anthony and Suffragist Images
Plus Pilots: The Three-Pointer of Basketball
Plus Pilots: Great Conversations: Churchill and Orwell
Plus Pilots: Guide to Tinkering: Electricity and Basic Circuits
Plus Pilots: Black Americans and the Revolutionary War
Plus Pilots: Dangerous Minds: Extreme Offenders
Plus Pilots: Life before Agriculture: Humanity’s Forgotten Prehistory
Plus Pilots: Beneath the Streets of Ancient Rome
Plus Pilots: Introduction to American Sign Language
Plus Pilots: The Science of Cooking
Myths of Learning and Memory
Do Computers Understand English?
Plus Pilots: Ethical Health Care in the Age of AI
Plus Pilots: Little Secrets for Heart and Brain Health
Pirates: Fact and Fiction
The Genetics of Cancer
Neutron Stars and Pulsars
Harriet Beecher Stowe and Harriet Tubman
Understanding the Periodic Table
The Science of Fear
The Pirate Wars of 1718

Exclusive Features - Other

The Great Courses Live
Virtual Venice
Light the Torch
America’s Best State Parks for Summer Fun
Practical Guide to Suicide Prevention
The Cryptocurrency Craze
Game of the Century: How Baseball's All-Star Game Began
Stories about Great Storytellers

Exclusive Features - This Day In History

This Day in History: December
This Day in History: November
This Day in History: October
This Day in History: September
This Day in History: August
This Day in History: July
This Day in History: May
This Day in History: June
This Day in History: April
This Day in History: March
This Day in History: February
This Day in History: January

Exclusive Features - Food & Wine

Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Winter
Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Fall
Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Summer
Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Spring
Delicious Dishes for Every Taste