Exclusive Features

Enjoy short-form, exclusive features focused on timely, relevant, controversial, or highly specific topics.

Exclusive Features - Professional & Personal Growth

Adult Education in the Age of AI: A Panel Discussion
The Third Wave: The Future of Entrepreneurship in America
America: The State of Our Democracy
After the Trauma: Lessons from Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Exclusive Features - History

Lincoln’s Capitol: Insurrection in America
John Lewis: Witness to History
The Ancient Olympics
Going to the Devil: The Impeachment of 1868
Monsters Within ...
The Black Death: Did Humans Spread the Plague?
The United States since 9/11
Hacking American Elections: Why We’re Vulnerable, and How We Can Stop It
Forgotten War: The Lasting Legacy of World War I
A Historian Goes to the Movies: Gladiator Fact vs. Fiction
Persuasion and Propaganda in Ancient Rome: Cicero's Oratory
The Surprising Origins of Christmas Traditions
Black Capital: African Americans in Washington, D.C.
Women of History
Tip of the Spear: A New First Americans Discovery
Apollo 11: Lessons for All time

Exclusive Features - Music and Fine Arts

How Hamilton Revolutionized the Broadway Musical
Great Guitarists' Stories and Styles
The History of Christmas Concert Music

Exclusive Features - Science

Mind-Blowing Science: Season 1
Viral Intelligence: What Is Coronavirus?
How Math Predicts the Coronavirus Curve
Coronavirus Outbreak: What You Need to Know
Interconnected: The Past, Present, and Future of the Internet
The Opioid Epidemic: America's Deadly Addiction
The Great Courses Professors Remember Stephen Hawking

Exclusive Features - Plus Pilots

Plus Pilots: The Developing Brain
Plus Pilots: Business Etiquette for the Virtual World
Plus Pilots: Why Learn Wildlife Tracking?
Plus Pilots: Ender’s Game: Politics and War in Science Fiction
Plus Pilot: Treating Your Poisoned Pet
Plus Pilots: Character Analysis for Actors
Plus Pilots: Identity in the Age of Ancestral DNA
Plus Pilots: What We Know (and Don’t Know) about the Big Bang
Plus Pilots: Max Planck and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Plus Pilots: Thinking about Indigenous Cultures of the World
Plus Pilots: The Exciting World of Project Management
Plus Pilots: Understanding Human Emotions
Plus Pilots: The Great Fire of 1666
Plus Pilots: Building a Website with HTML and CSS
Plus Pilots: Engineering School for Everyone: Statics
Plus Pilots: Susan B. Anthony and Suffragist Images
Plus Pilots: The Three-Pointer of Basketball
Plus Pilots: Great Conversations: Churchill and Orwell
Plus Pilots: Guide to Tinkering: Electricity and Basic Circuits
Plus Pilots: Black Americans and the Revolutionary War
Plus Pilots: Dangerous Minds: Extreme Offenders
Plus Pilots: Life before Agriculture: Humanity’s Forgotten Prehistory
Plus Pilots: Beneath the Streets of Ancient Rome
Plus Pilots: Introduction to American Sign Language
Plus Pilots: The Science of Cooking
Plus Pilots: Myths of Learning and Memory
Plus Pilots: Do Computers Understand English?
Plus Pilots: Ethical Health Care in the Age of AI
Plus Pilots: Little Secrets for Heart and Brain Health
Plus Pilots: Pirates: Fact and Fiction
Plus Pilots: Understanding the Periodic Table
Plus Pilots: The Science of Fear
Plus Pilots: The Pirate Wars of 1718
Plus Pilots: Harriet Beecher Stowe and Harriet Tubman
Plus Pilots: Neutron Stars and Pulsars
Plus Pilots: The Genetics of Cancer

Exclusive Features - Other

Learn in a Weekend
The Great Courses Live
Virtual Venice
Light the Torch
America’s Best State Parks for Summer Fun
Practical Guide to Suicide Prevention
The Cryptocurrency Craze
Game of the Century: How Baseball's All-Star Game Began
Stories about Great Storytellers

Exclusive Features - This Day In History

This Day in History: January
This Day in History: February
This Day in History: March
This Day in History: April
This Day in History: May
This Day in History: June
This Day in History: July
This Day in History: August
This Day in History: September
This Day in History: October
This Day in History: November
This Day in History: December

Exclusive Features - Food & Wine

Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Winter
Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Fall
Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Summer
Delicious Dishes for Every Season: Spring
Delicious Dishes for Every Taste