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Barcelona—The Gothic Quarter

Lecture no. 13 from the course: The Great Tours: Experiencing Medieval Europe

Barcelona—The Gothic Quarter

Taught by Professor Kenneth R. Bartlett | 31 min | Categories: The Great Courses Plus Online Travel Courses

Walk the streets of Barcelona’s beautifully preserved medieval center, reflecting on the remarkable Palace of the Generalitat and the calm elegance of the Catalan Gothic cathedral and cloisters. Delve into Barcelona’s turbulent history under the Visigoths, Moors, and Franks, and its flourishing as a great maritime power.


October 24, 2018
What a biased, unhistorical mis-characterization of the "boogie man" i.e. the inquisition. How many times can this supposed "historian" slander the Church? I lost count. Without going into the facts and figures themselves, as he readily admits exist, the Church NEVER executed any heretic, that was done by the civil authorities. I can keep going with many facts and figures but this is not the place. Be it said that he is obviously an anti-Catholic protestant or a high culture hating atheist. How can so much beautiful art and architecture come from a "corrupt" entity? He never even tries to explain this. And what about the lightly mentioned war of religion? Why did he not mention the HORRIBLE things the protestants did to the Catholic population? Oh, he MUST have forgot to mention that. RIGHT. Or the wonderful French Revolutionaries like Robespierre who executed so many innocent Catholics, priests, nuns and laity in the name of "fraternity". Horribly biased man. Stay off your high horse and stick to only the facts without the biased proselytizing.