How to Become a SuperStar Student

How to Become a SuperStar Student
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Understanding Your Unique Intelligence
1: Understanding Your Unique Intelligence

In this introductory lecture, students learn what intelligence is, how it reveals itself in multiple ways (including visual, spatial, interpersonal, and logical intelligence), and several characteristics that all great students share.

35 min
Developing Effective Habits in Class
2: Developing Effective Habits in Class

Students explore three keys to success in the classroom: preparing, participating, and taking good notes. How can they make preparing for class quick and simple? How can they participate in class without looking "dorky"? What are the best ways to take notes while still paying attention to what's going on in class?

30 min
Working Cooperatively in Groups
3: Working Cooperatively in Groups

Professor Geisen focuses on the techniques of effective group work. Students discover how to structure their group to use everyone's strengths; how to avoid the dangers of insensitivity by communicating with tact; and how to reach a consensus using a variety of methods, including dot voting and weighted voting.

32 min
Managing Time and Organizing Spaces
4: Managing Time and Organizing Spaces

By navigating their busy lives more effectively, students can free up more time and space for true learning-and things they really like to do. First, students will bust the myth that multitasking actually works. Then, they'll develop strategies for planning and prioritizing activities. Finally, they'll learn some secrets to keeping themselves-and their work-organized.

32 min
Taking Charge of Homework
5: Taking Charge of Homework

Here, Professor Geisen gives students tips for creating the perfect study environment, offers them study techniques that fit with their unique learning style, and demonstrates ways to take truly effective notes.

32 min
Developing a Creative Mind
6: Developing a Creative Mind

Students take a closer look at play, risk, trust, and other mind-sets needed for creative thinking, as well as practical techniques for brainstorming, using a different viewpoint, and changing their environment.

35 min
Thinking Critically
7: Thinking Critically

Students turn to the second half of thinking: critical thinking, where they decide what to do with all their ideas. They explore how to evaluate evidence, recognize bias, distance themselves from emotions, use logic and reasoning, and much more.

34 min
Diving into Research
8: Diving into Research

The ability to research effectively is a huge factor in students' success. Professor Geisen guides them through the process of pre-searching, searching, evaluating, and organizing. They'll also get tips for working with the wide range of sources available to the 21st-century student.

34 min
Writing Well
9: Writing Well

Whatever kind of learning style students have, all it takes to strengthen and improve their writing is following a series of guidelines and techniques. They'll discover the secrets to choosing powerful words, building effective paragraphs, organizing entire essays, spending the right amount of time drafting and editing their work, and more.

30 min
Delivering Dynamic Presentations
10: Delivering Dynamic Presentations

Develop an opening hook that takes advantage of a startling image or fact. Organize your speech or presentation the way you would organize a research paper. Make sure to use visual aids sparingly but effectively. These are just three of the many strategies students will find here for delivering dynamic presentations.

36 min
Taking Control of Tests
11: Taking Control of Tests

In this lecture, students find out what it takes to perform at their best when the stakes are high: taking tests. They'll learn how to prepare themselves for various types of tests, focus their studying on what they need to know, combat test anxiety, attack tests with a clear strategy, learn from their wrong answers, and more.

34 min
Finding Balance
12: Finding Balance

Students learn the importance of maintaining balance in their lives. Professor Geisen's pointed advice includes getting more efficient with their time, cutting back on things that prevent them from achieving their goals, and diving deep into a couple of activities they really love to do.

34 min
Managing Your Child's Education
13: Managing Your Child's Education

The most important teacher in a student's life: his or her parents. Professor Geisen shows you how to become a true learner, why most learning happens outside the classroom, and how you can adapt to the continually changing landscape of 21st-century education.

34 min
Understanding How We Learn
14: Understanding How We Learn

Approach learning with wisdom from neuroscience and educational research. How do our brains assimilate information? What can you do when your student is out of his or her comfort zone on an assignment? How can you help your student embrace his or her learning style?

31 min
Helping with Homework
15: Helping with Homework

Discover how to create the perfect mood, space, and time for your student's academic success; how to help your student with homework-and how much help to give; and what to do when you don't have the answers.

30 min
Working with Teachers
16: Working with Teachers

Professor Geisen reveals the two foundations of a solid parent-teacher relationship, offers tips to improve communication, and provides options for effectively handling problems and complaints.

30 min
Preparing for College and the Future
17: Preparing for College and the Future

How you talk about and expose your student to college makes a huge difference in how he or she approaches this subject. Which post-high-school option is best for your child? What are colleges looking for in applicants? Find the answers to these questions and more.

30 min
Parenting with Balance
18: Parenting with Balance

Professor Geisen offers you candid advice on being the best parent you can be-all from the perspective of his role as a teacher. You'll find tips and exercises to ensure that you're inspiring, not forcing, your child to learn and live a responsible life.

33 min
Michael Geisen

Learning is a skill that your student can easily make a part of his or her everyday life and use as a powerful tool for success, both inside and outside the classroom.


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About Michael Geisen

Professor Michael Geisen was selected from among millions of public-school educators to serve as the National Teacher of the Year in 2008. In this position, he traveled nationally and internationally as an ambassador for the teaching profession, helping educators, policymakers, and community members meet the needs of high-school students in a rapidly changing 21st-century world. Professor Geisen was a middle-school science teacher at Crook County Middle School in Prineville, Oregon, for 10 years. He has received numerous other teaching awards and accolades. He was selected as the 2009 Outstanding Teacher in K-12 Education by the Oregon Academy of Sciences and was named the Toshiba Innovator in Education in Tokyo, Japan, and the 2007-2008 Oregon Teacher of the Year.

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