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Uncover Your Hidden Talent for Drawing

Watch all 36 episodes of How to Draw
and get unlimited access to thousands more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part of your free trial!

Watch all 36 episodes of How to Draw and get unlimited access to thousands more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part of your free trial!

How to Draw

Learn to Draw Your World

Get a step-by-step tutorial of the key elements of drawing, taught by an award-winning artist with more than forty years of study, studio work, and dedicated teaching.

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Course Overview

How to Draw

How to Draw offers you dynamic and comprehensive training in the concepts of drawing. These 36 videos are a rich and deep resource, offering a wide spectrum of lessons that make the skills of drawing directly accessible. With each new step in the process, you’ll apply your knowledge in drawing projects, which encompass individual objects, still lifes, interiors, and self-portraits. You’ll find that mastering the art of drawing provides rewards you will treasure for a lifetime.

36 Episodes

  1. An Introduction to Drawing
  2. Drawing Materials for Line
  3. Drawing Fundamentals and First Exercises
  4. Line and Shape: Line and Aggregate Shape
  5. Line and Shape: Volume and Figure-Ground
  6. Line and Shape: Positive and Negative Shape
  7. Composition: The Format and Its Armature
  8. Composition: How Artists Compose
  9. Line and Shape: Line Attributes and Gesture
  10. Composition: Shape and Advanced Strategies
  11. Proportion: Alberti’s Velo
  12. Proportion: Accurate Proportion and Measure
  13. Creating Volume and Illusionistic Space
  14. Six Complex Drawing Projects
  15. Linear Perspective: Introduction
  16. Linear Perspective: The Quad
  17. Linear Perspective: The Gridded Room
  18. Linear Perspective: Ellipses and Pattern
  19. Linear Perspective: Advanced Topics
  20. Value: How Artists Use Value
  21. Value: Drawing Materials for Value
  22. Value: Black and White and a Value Scale
  23. Value: Eight Complex Drawing Projects
  24. Value: Side Light and Cast Shadow
  25. Value: Oblique Light and Cast Shadow
  26. Texture: Mark Making and Optical Value
  27. Texture: How Artists Use Texture
  28. Color: Color Theory and Color and Light
  29. Color: How Artists Use Color
  30. Color: Color Drawing Projects
  31. The Figure: A Canon of Proportions
  32. The Figure: The Head, Hands, and Feet
  33. The Figure: Artistic Anatomy
  34. The Figure: Drawing Projects
  35. Advanced Concepts: Pictorial Space
  36. Advanced Drawing Projects

David Brody, Graduate Degree in Painting

Yale University

Professor David Brody has been a Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Washington in Seattle since 1996. He did undergraduate work at Columbia University and Bennington College and received his graduate degree in painting from Yale University in 1983. Professor Brody has lectured or been a visiting critic at Carnegie Mellon University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The University of Chicago, Harvard University, Capital Normal University in Beijing, and the China Art Academy in Hangzhou.

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Instant, on-demand streaming of 36 half-hour lessons on the fundamentals of drawing, taught by David Brody, an award-winning artist and Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Washington in Seattle.

How to Draw

220-Page PDF Guidebook

  • 220-page printed course guidebook
  • Photos & illustrations
  • Suggested readings
  • Additional Activities

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Annapolis, MD
January 21, 2016

How to Draw

As a person with zero drawing experience I am impressed with the approach, and after working on the first real drawing lesson for a week I can see significant improvement. I am looking forward to future work on this course.

January 19, 2016


This is the 46th course I've bought from the TC (yes, I am an addict) but this is one of the very best. To put it in context, I'm 78 and I've dabbled with painting, drawing, photography, and the graphic arts for most of my life. I've taken workshops, but have had no formal education. This course is much more than a course in drawing: it's a primer of fundamentals, transferrable to other media. Just as you shouldn't try to play serious basketball before you learn how to dribble, you shouldn't try to create a serious drawing or painting without mastering those fundamentals. Prof. Brady teaches those fundamentals masterfully. Edges, contour, marks, and value deserve close attention. My wife and I are watching it together over a few weeks., determined to get an overview and doing exercises as they appeal to us. We will (and I have already) go back to individual lectures to review the details and practice the exercises selectively. That said, already I find that the lessons have broken me out of my rut, especially as they have illustrated gestural drawing vis-a-vis constructional. Stuff that sounds technical, even trivial, like the surface or color of the medium, the choice of a pencil, or the range of the palette, are dealt with in enough detail to translate into one’s next project and improve it. It's pitched perfectly for someone like me, a person who's encountered problems, hated what he drew or painted, and needed a muse to jump to another level. I'll never draw or paint like a Rafael, Rembrandt, Eakins or a Vermeer, but there's no reason the principles they used to create their own stunning works can't be employed in a small way into our own. I give this course my highest recommendation.

November 21, 2015


I took up painting a year ago and thought that learning better drawing skills would be beneficial for my work. Little did I know how enjoyable and rewarding this is in itself. I cannot praise this instructor enough. He is easy to listen to, classes are organized and fun. He makes it doable for even a beginner. One of the best instructors I have experienced with the Great Courses, and this company does a wonderful job. You see progress immediately. As you progress through the course it builds on prior classes so I would think it would be beneficial for experienced artist also. It is a logical process for us analytical brains! I thought you had to have a ton of artistic ability, but it is much more about learning techniques. I am taking my time and look forward to every afternoon with my pencils. This class made my life better!