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Cuzco and the Tawantinsuyu Empire

Lecture no. 18 from the course: Lost Worlds of South America

Cuzco and the Tawantinsuyu Empire

Taught by Professor Edwin Barnhart | 31 min | Categories: The Great Courses Plus Online History Courses

The city of Cuzco stands as the supreme achievement in architecture and aesthetics of pre-Columbian South America. Study the city’s astounding features, such as its hydraulic engineering, anti-seismic construction, and its perfectly fitting stonework that defies explanation. Learn also about the culture of ancestral mummies, the golden Coricancha temple, and other architectural marvels.


December 3, 2015
The Professor is an interesting and knowledgeable fellow with some odd ideas. I think his idea that they somehow melted the rocks together to create smooth fitting enormous stones is a bit out there. That said if this Professor had been on that famed sitcom island he would have had them back in the USA (or possibly Peru) and married Ginger in less than a week. The construction techniques used by the Inca are amazing. I love the stories of how the Spanish tried, but couldn't knock down the town, so they build facades around the temples to make them churches. When major earthquakes came... well I won't spoil it, but watch the lecture for a great story.