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South America’s First People

Lecture no. 3 from the course: Lost Worlds of South America

South America’s First People

Taught by Professor Edwin Barnhart | 29 min | Categories: The Great Courses Plus Online History Courses

The earliest evidence of humans in the Americas comes not from North America, but from Chile. Investigate the important Monte Verde site and its view into everyday life 15,000 years ago. Learn also about “Quilcas” cave art, the astonishing Chinchorro mummies—predating Egypt’s— and evidence of early agriculture and trade at Huaca Prieta.


November 18, 2015
I have an odd and unruly mind. As I was watching this lecture I vaguely remembered reading a book as a youth about Aliens possibly depositing the first members of the human race in the Amazon region. Apparently they were pets the aliens got rid of and so began the human race on earth in a 'Garden of Eden' that eventually ran amuck. Some of the fairly bizarre death masks of the mummies along with cave art and depictions of fanged gods all makes this theory seem just a little bit more likely... well maybe not. Still the South America of so many thousand of years past is indeed an alien world when viewed from the present.