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The Inca—From Raiders to Empire

Lecture no. 19 from the course: Lost Worlds of South America

The Inca—From Raiders to Empire

Taught by Professor Edwin Barnhart | 28 min | Categories: The Great Courses Plus Online History Courses

In charting the rise of Inca civilization, follow the pivotal reign of Pachacuti, the 9th Inca, whose vision to unify the Andes led to large-scale conquest. Learn how his heir, Tupac, doubled the imperial territories, and how the empire was ultimately torn apart by civil war and disease.


December 3, 2015
I tend to freeze time for civilizations I don't really understand at the time when westerners 'discovered' that civilization. I has always assumed that the Inca Empire was ancient. It is fascinating to 'discover' that the Empire part was really only a few generations old when it fell to the Spanish. The expansion of this Empire reminds me somewhat of early Roman expansion from the city state to the dominate force on the peninsula. i wonder how far the Inca would have expanded if left to their own devices.