Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials for Mac

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Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials for Mac
Course Trailer
1: Overview

PowerPoint 2016 is the popular application within the Office suite for Mac to create on-screen presentations. This series starts at the very beginning by exploring the PowerPoint environment, how to add slides to a presentation, insert text and images into slides, and create tables and charts. The series continues by enhancing a presentation with design themes, animation, and transitions, then concludes with preparing and delivering a robust presentation. This series is specifically for locally installed PowerPoint 2016 on Mac OS.

8 min
Introduction to PowerPoint
2: Introduction to PowerPoint

Vonne and Aubri introduce PowerPoint 2016 Essentials for the Macintosh operating system series. In this episode, they define PowerPoint, discuss the Office 365 suite and subscription plans, and review the course setup.

19 min
PowerPoint Basics
3: PowerPoint Basics

Vonne and Aubri introduce basic concepts in PowerPoint for Mac such as launching the application, opening and closing files, and differentiating between save and save as. They also discuss basic window manipulation in the MacOS such as minimize, full screen, resize and arrange windows, and helpful shortcuts.

28 min
PowerPoint Interface
4: PowerPoint Interface

In this episode, Aubri and Vonne explore the PowerPoint interface. They explain the functionality and location of the ribbon, quick access toolbar, menu bar, preferences, and status bar.

18 min
Navigate a Presentation and Views
5: Navigate a Presentation and Views

Aubri and Vonne demonstrate how to navigate a presentation in PowerPoint. They explore the nuances of the slide pane, the navigation pane, and the speaker notes. They also cover how to switch to and exit different views such as normal, outline, slide sorter, and master slides as well as presentation mode.

26 min
Create a Presentation
6: Create a Presentation

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri demonstrate how to create a new presentation and work with slides. They cover the following topics: slide layouts, modify layouts and placeholders, reset slides, add slides, add and modify sections, reorder slides, and delete slides and sections.

29 min
Add Text
7: Add Text

Aubri and Vonne add text to slides. They show different ways to select text and add text to both content placeholders and text boxes. They also review many of the different Autofit and AutoCorrect options as well as copy and paste options.

32 min
Slides from Outline and Reuse Slides
8: Slides from Outline and Reuse Slides

Vonne and Aubri demonstrate different ways to add slides and content into a presentation by using the Outline and Reuse Slides commands in the New Slide dropdown.

25 min
Format Text: Basics
9: Format Text: Basics

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri format text in slides. They cover character level formatting such as font, size, color, and character spacing. They also review some basic paragraph alignment, the format painter, and vertical alignment of a text frame.

34 min
Format Text: Bullets and Spacing
10: Format Text: Bullets and Spacing

Vonne and Aubri concentrate on paragraph level formatting. They explore how to format and customize bullets as well as control line and paragraph spacing. They also review indents, tabs, hyphenation, and columns. Vonne also talks about the embed font option in the preference and why it's important.

33 min
Images: Basics
11: Images: Basics

Vonne and Aubri discuss the basic concepts of images, covering file types, resolution, image size, and alternate text. They also demonstrate how to size images using Preview in the MacOS as well as view options in Finder.

29 min
Images: Insert
12: Images: Insert

Aubri and Vonne show how to insert images into a presentation in PowerPoint. They cover insert pictures from file, Photo Browser, online, and screenshot as well as how to create screenshots from different keyboard shortcuts within the MacOS.

24 min
Images: Format, Part 1
13: Images: Format, Part 1

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri show how to format images - specifically covering how to move, resize, rotate, crop, position, and reset images.

27 min
Images: Format, Part 2
14: Images: Format, Part 2

Vonne and Aubri continue to format images in this second part of the episode. They cover picture styles, color and other corrections, and artistic effects. They also cover how to remove background, change picture, save as picture, and the all important compress picture command.

33 min
Shapes: Add and Format
15: Shapes: Add and Format

Aubri and Vonne discuss adding and formatting shapes to a PowerPoint presentation. They show how to resize and rotate shapes, format gradient fills, format outlines, and add text to shapes. They also demonstrate how to edit shapes by the yellow dot in certain shapes and the edit points command.

35 min
Shapes: Multiple Shapes
16: Shapes: Multiple Shapes

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri show how to duplicate, select, order, align, group, and merge multiple shapes. They also talk about ruler guides and how to turn on and off automatic alignment (dynamic guides).

28 min
Draw, Icons, and 3D Models
17: Draw, Icons, and 3D Models

Vonne and Aubri demonstrate how to insert and format icons and 3D model in a slide. They also explore how to use the drawing tools in the new Draw tab on the Ribbon. These features are available to Office 365 subscribers only.

27 min
Tables: Introduction and Create
18: Tables: Introduction and Create

Aubri and Vonne introduce tables in PowerPoint. They review basic terminology and show examples of different options for formatting tables. They demonstrate all the different mouse cursors and how to select parts of a table. They then show how to insert tables into slides as well as how to add text to cells.

27 min
Tables: Format
19: Tables: Format

In this episode, Aubri and Vonne format tables. They cover how to change row height and column width, align text in cells, merge and split cells, and modify cell margins. They also demonstrate how to format cell fills and borders individually and overall with table styles and style options.

24 min
Charts: Introduction
20: Charts: Introduction

Vonne and Aubri introduce and review the anatomy of charts. They identify parts of a chart such as data series, category axis, legends, data labels, and data tables. They also show examples of how to format charts with styles as well as formatting individual elements. Finally, they demonstrate how to select chart elements.

23 min
Charts: Create
21: Charts: Create

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri insert charts into a presentation. They show how to enter data into a datasheet, edit chart data, add chart elements individually or choose from a quick layout, and change chart types.

31 min
Charts: Format
22: Charts: Format

Aubri and Vonne format chart elements in PowerPoint. They use chart styles as well as formatting individual elements with fills and outlines. Vonne gives some tips and tricks to formatting specific chart elements.

26 min
Charts: Pie Charts
23: Charts: Pie Charts

Vonne and Aubri take a deeper dive into pie charts. They demonstrate options specifically for pie charts including formatting data labels, exploding pie pieces, and creating pie of pie type charts.

25 min
24: SmartArt

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri create SmartArt. They explore different layouts, show how to add and modify information in the SmartArt graphic, change layouts, apply styles, and reset graphics to default formatting. They also show how to convert an existing list to a SmartArt graphic.

28 min
SmartArt: Organizational Chart
25: SmartArt: Organizational Chart

Vonne and Aubri take a closer look into the organization chart (org chart) SmartArt layout. They demonstrate how to add shapes, promote and demote shapes, and format with styles.

19 min
Design Themes
26: Design Themes

In this episode, Aubri and Vonne discuss design themes, variants of themes, templates, and slide size.

28 min
27: Designer

Aubri and Vonne explore the cool options available with PowerPoint Designer for Office 365 subscribers.

19 min
28: Transitions

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri demonstrate how to enhance a presentation with slide transitions. They cover transition options, automatically advance slides, and the Morph transition.

24 min
29: Animations

Vonne and Aubri enhance a presentation with animations. They discuss the different types of animations, animation options, the animation pane, triggers, reordering animation, and motion paths.

33 min
30: Proof

Always proof your work! In this episode, Vonne and Aubri demonstrate how to check spelling and grammar as well as how to use the thesaurus, Smart Lookup, translate, and find and replace. They also discuss how to replace fonts in a presentation.

25 min
Prepare and Print
31: Prepare and Print

Vonne and Aubri discuss how to be fully prepared for presenting a presentation, including being prepared for all the things that could go wrong. They show the various options for printing slides and handouts as well as exporting to different file types for distribution.

24 min
Present a Slide Show
32: Present a Slide Show

In this episode, Vonne and Aubri demonstrate how to present a slide show. They cover how to use the Presenter View, annotate slides during a presentation, switch pointer options, and lots of shortcuts for controlling slide presentations.

28 min
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