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Take the Guesswork
Out of Investing

Watch all 24 episodes of "Understanding Investments"
and get unlimited access to thousands more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part of your free trial!

Watch all 24 episodes of "Understanding Investments" and get unlimited access to thousands more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part of your free trial!

Investments Video

Stop Worrying and Start Investing

Take control of your financial destiny with this comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to the basics of investing taught by a professor of economics.

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Course Overview

What are your most important financial goals? Sending your kids to college? Buying a new home? Retiring early? Having the freedom to not worry about whether you can afford to buy a new car or go on vacation? It's your financial resources that are the determining factor in how you're able to answer these and a host of other questions. And few things are as important in determining just what those financial resources are as your understanding of where and how to invest.

Understanding Investments introduces the fundamentals of investing to those new to the subject while broadening and deepening the knowledge of more experienced investors. Taught by Professor Connel Fullenkamp, an award-winning educator from Duke University, these lectures clearly explain the various kinds of financial markets, the different kinds of investments available to you, and the pros and cons of each. Even more important: The course shows you how to evaluate each of these in terms of your own financial situation.

24 Episodes (31 Minutes Each)

  1. How to Stop Worrying and Start Investing
  2. How Investors Make Money
  3. Starting with Stocks
  4. The Basics of Bonds
  5. Introduction to Mutual Funds
  6. What Are Exchange-Traded Funds?
  7. Financial Statement Analysis
  8. P/E Ratios and the Method of Comparables
  9. Fundamentals-Based Analysis of Stocks
  10. Startup Companies and IPOs
  11. Why Should You Care about Dividends?
  12. Using Leverage
  13. Choosing Bonds
  14. Bond School
  15. Picking Mutual Funds
  16. Investing in Foreign Assets
  17. Options Are for Everyone
  18. Real Estate and Commodities
  19. Cycles and Market Timing
  20. Deciding When to Sell
  21. Risk, Return, and Diversification
  22. Time Value of Money
  23. Financial Planning
  24. Taking Charge of Your Investments
Connel Fullenkamp

Connel Fullenkamp, Ph.D.

Duke University

Professor Connel Fullenkamp is Professor of the Practice and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Economics at Duke University. He teaches financial economics courses, such as corporate finance, as well as core courses, such as economic principles. In addition to teaching, he serves as a consultant for the Duke Center for International Development.

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Instant, on-demand streaming of 24 half-hour lessons on the fundamentals of investing, taught by Connel Fullenkamp—an award-winning professor of economics from Duke University.

Investment Brochure

224-Page PDF Guidebook

  • 224-page course synopsis
  • Photos, tables & charts
  • Suggested readings
  • Questions to consider

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Cousin Drew
Charlotte, NC
June 22, 2012

This is a very practical course that does a great job of holding the interest of both the financial novice and the more serious and experienced investor. Professor Fullenkamp is eager and earnest and has a very comfortable lecture style. He neither panders nor condescends and effectively communicates a lot of information in each lecture in a workmanlike fashion. His choice of material, the amount of time he devotes to each investment concept, and the pace at which he goes through the course topics are all right on the mark. If you like the study of investments, you will enjoy this course; if you find investments deathly dull, I think Professor Fullenkamp provides you a relatively painless way to gain important information you really should not be without. Bottom line, I give Professor Fullenkamp and the course very high marks and would recommend it to all.

Dublin, CA
May 14, 2014

I am a CPA and a CTP and by no means an investment expert of any type. I participated in this course with my 77 year old father because he needs guidance on how to make informed investment decisions even though he continues to work part-time in retirement. This course did an exceptional job of laying the foundation for investment decision making.

June 19, 2014

An absolutely fantastic review of investments. Clear and concise with appropriate illustrations. The professor has an excellent style of presentation and makes even the most complex concepts understandable.