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Third Wave

Ever Wonder How
Steve Case Got Started?

Join Steve Case as he shares his experience as one of America's most accomplished entrepreneurs and get unlimited access to thousands of more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part
of your free trial!

Join Steve Case as he shares his experience as one of America's most accomplished entrepreneurs and get unlimited access to thousands of more videos on fascinating and useful topics – all part of your free trial!

Third Wave Video

The Third Wave

The Future of Entrepreneurship In America

In an exclusive course created solely for The Great Courses Plus, Mr. Case provides a vision of the future and a roadmap on how anyone can use our rapidly changing technology to find success.

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Course Overview

The Third Wave

The Third Wave: The Future of Entrepreneurship in America is a wealth of wisdom and vision from a true leader. This landmark course looks at the factors that will affect our future—from technology to policy and shows anyone with an interest in investing, growth, development, or our own wellbeing what to expect from the coming years and how to prepare for and maximize success in the future.

Packing seven lectures full of insights, Mr. Case covers the vital and integral components that you need to know to navigate the next generation of social, technical, and cultural shifts.

7 Episodes (31 Minutes Each)

  1. What Is the Third Wave of the Internet?

  2. The Rise of the Rest and Impact Investing

  3. Partnerships, Policy, and Perseverance

  4. The Role of Entrepreneurs in the Third Wave

  5. The Role of CEOs and Corporations in the Third Wave

  6. Seize the Future: R.E.S.T.A.R.T. America

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The Seeker
November 29, 2014

It was not only informative, well laid out, easily comprehensible, but also very enjoyable. I absolutely loved it. When you completely forget yourself watching it and don't notice the passing of time, then you are really enjoying the subject and that's because this is a masterpiece. Thanks so much Dr. Tyson.

Sacramento, CA
May 11, 2014

With style and flair, Dr. Tyson presents some fascinating mysteries of the universe much like his childhood idol, the late great Dr. Carl Sagan. As has become his trademark, Dr. Tyson makes liberal use of high-tech imagery and special effects. His goal is to bring the wonders of the cosmos to the lay audience, which he succeeds in doing.

This is not a comprehensive course on cosmology, astronomy or physics. The course simply highlights some unexplained (or mysterious but explained) phenomena of the universe. The non-scientist will find these fascinating. The scientist who may already be familiar with the concepts will still enjoy the vivid images and computer simulations and may still learn a few new things. I have a Ph.D. in physics, yet the "Pioneer (spacecraft) problem" was new to me.

Port Richey, FL
July 21, 2013

I watched this course yesterday and watched the lectures straight through. It was a very compelling experience. It has been a long time since I studied physics and other sciences in high school. My scholarly pursuits took a different direction, so this was a dynamic, eye opening experience for me.

I really enjoyed The Great Courses presentation and Dr. Tyson's measured cadence as he deliberated upon the science as we know it and, more important, how much more there is yet to discover. Now he will have me lying awake at night pondering these questions.