40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know

40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know
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Pressing Matters
1: Pressing Matters

Meet Gail, your instructor, and work with your iron to get amazing pressing results with woven fabrics and knits in a variety of ways.

28 min
Stitch Perfect
2: Stitch Perfect

In this lesson, Gail walks you step by step through staystitching, understitching, and topstitching techniques.

29 min
Curves & Corners
3: Curves & Corners

Learn efficient ways to sew, grade, clip, and press tricky curves and corners.

28 min
Interfacing Tips
4: Interfacing Tips

Choose the best interfacing for your garment, fuse full pattern pieces, learn block fusing, and reinforce shoulder seams.

18 min
Beautiful Bindings
5: Beautiful Bindings

Learn about bindings and facings; cut, join and attach binding strips; and create perfect inside and outside curves.

50 min
Sleeves Made Simple
6: Sleeves Made Simple

Discover excellent gathering tips and construction methods for flat-constructed and set-in sleeves.

44 min
Getting Closure
7: Getting Closure

Finish off your garments expertly as Gail shares tips for zipper installation, automatic buttonholes, bound buttonholes (even faux ones!), and making your custom covered buttons.

53 min
Bonus Tip
8: Bonus Tip

In this bonus tip, Gail shows you how to sew small circles and steep curves with ease!

5 min
Gail Yellen

It’s amazing when a sewist uses a pattern as a “jumping off” point for inspiration and vision.

About Gail Yellen

Gail Yellen is an independent pattern designer, author and an active member of the American Sewing Guild. She's been drawn to sewing since childhood, when one of her most treasured belongings was the dress her grandmother made for her first day of kindergarten.

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