Beginner Serging: Machine Basics and Techniques

Beginner Serging: Machine Basics and Techniques
Course Trailer
1: Introduction

Meet Amy Alan and go over what you'll learn in this class.

7 min
Your Serger & How It Works
2: Your Serger & How It Works

Explore every component of your serger, getting up close and in depth into its mechanics.

41 min
Basic Stitches
3: Basic Stitches

Go over basic serger stitches, from the 4-thread overlock to the 2-thread flatlock and everything between.

50 min
Decorative Stitches
4: Decorative Stitches

Learn to use yarn, silk ribbon, rayon and other materials with your serger.

38 min
Troubleshooting Your Serger
5: Troubleshooting Your Serger

Learn to fix poor tension, problem stitches and machine issues, as well as how to clean your serger.

24 min
Exposed Zipper Bag
6: Exposed Zipper Bag

Make a zipper bag that's both functional and fashionable.

31 min
Ombre Ruffled Apron
7: Ombre Ruffled Apron

Amy guides you through the construction of a multi-colored, ruffled apron.

21 min
Striped Knit Scarf
8: Striped Knit Scarf

Create a decorative striped scarf from knit fabric.

30 min
Bonus - Serger Feet
9: Bonus - Serger Feet

Learn to use the gathering foot, elasticator, and blind hem foot.

16 min
Amy Alan

I started crafting as a small child and have always made an effort to turn the everyday into art!

About Amy Alan

Amy Alan got her start in sewing as a child. Once she graduated college with a degree in fashion design, she then worked on the cutting room floor of a show apparel company as a technical designer. After that, she went into alterations and then finally teaching once we moved to Portland. Amy currently teaches sewing at Modern Domestic in Portland, Ore. and blogs at Really Handmade. Amy Alan teach sewing classes that mainly focus on developing skills, such as using machinery and patternmaking, but she does occasionally hold project classes as well. Ms. Alan says that, “Fit and precision are important skills to me, and I love to show my students the why’s and how’s of garment construction.”

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