Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating
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Introduction to Cake Decorating
1: Introduction to Cake Decorating

Ground yourself in the fundamentals of cake decorating as Jenny discusses the elements that make up a decorated cake. Discover a few basic tools, plus the timeline for making your first cake!

6 min
How to Bake a Cake
2: How to Bake a Cake

Get right into action by learning to make a yellow butter-based cake. Find out how to prepare the pans, mix the batter, and bake it to a beautiful golden brown. You can use the same recipe to make a chocolate version, too!

19 min
Making Swiss Meringue Buttercream
3: Making Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Jenny shows you how to make her favorite decorating frosting: Swiss meringue buttercream. It's a step up from the traditional one-bowl, powdered sugar-and-butter variation.

12 min
Constructing a Single-Tier Cake
4: Constructing a Single-Tier Cake

Trim your baked cakes so they're uniform and level every time. Find out how to stack up the layers, fill them with frosting, and frost the entire cake with a crumb coat. You'll add a final coat for a sharp-edged flat finish that will get you ready to start decorating.

52 min
Buttercream: Textured Finishes
5: Buttercream: Textured Finishes

Discover three techniques for texturing cakes with buttercream: horizontal ridge, vertical stripe and a simple-yet-beautiful brushed finish. These finishes are not only beautiful and on trend, they're also great at covering up anything that's less than perfect.

7 min
Buttercream: Preparing to Pipe
6: Buttercream: Preparing to Pipe

Set yourself up for piping success by learning to color buttercream for endless customization. Jenny shows you how to fill a piping bag with buttercream and pipe a line of frosting.

23 min
Buttercream: Simple Designs & Borders
7: Buttercream: Simple Designs & Borders

Once your buttercream is colored and in a pastry bag, practice making a few simple designs with two different tips: round and star. You'll see how to turn your designs into borders.

46 min
Buttercream: Piped Roses & Leaves
8: Buttercream: Piped Roses & Leaves

Continue to work on your piping skills by learning to pipe the classic buttercream rose with Jenny's step-by-step instructions. Don't worry if you mess up; since these beauties are away from your cake they can go right back in the frosting bowl.

19 min
Fondant: Handling & Coloring
9: Fondant: Handling & Coloring

Conquer the pliable sugar dough known as fondant as Jenny shares her best tips for handling, storing and coloring to make gorgeous, professional-looking decorated cakes.

16 min
Fondant: Rolling Out & Covering a Cake
10: Fondant: Rolling Out & Covering a Cake

It's important to give yourself a pristine, clean canvas for decorating. In this lesson, learn how to roll out fondant and drape it beautifully over your cakes. Jenny will also walk you through some common problems and explain how to fix them.

34 min
Fondant: Cutouts
11: Fondant: Cutouts

See how to make a variety of fondant decorations from just a few simple cutters and place them securely as you make a cute and easy "Happy Birthday" cake. Plus, learn Jenny's secret no-stress method for writing messages on cakes.

23 min
Fondant: 3-D Roses
12: Fondant: 3-D Roses

Here, Jenny introduces sugar flowers, then goes over a few basic techniques for hand-modeling petals to create a classic fondant rose.

39 min
What's Next: Design Ideas & Inspiration
13: What's Next: Design Ideas & Inspiration

In this final lesson, find out how to mix and match the above techniques to create new designs and cakes for any theme or occasion!

4 min
Jenny McCoy

I describe cake decorating as the art of taking a delicious cake and transforming it into a work of visual art.

About Jenny McCoy

As a pastry chef with more than 10 years of experience in some of the country's finest kitchens, Jenny McCoy has learned to transform classic techniques into inventive and exceptional desserts, many of which you'll find in her book, Desserts for Every Season. Jenny's philosophy on baking is simple: By combining the best ingredients available and a personal creative touch, anyone can expand their repertoire to create expertly refined recipes and original pastries with ease. A truly approachable expert, Jenny's detailed lessons are both inviting and inspiring.

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