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"I never want to stop learning—about art, about culture, about languages and science. I appreciate the ability to enjoy the process of learning in the easy ways that Wondrium’s app provides, so that I'm able to listen and learn on the go."

JENNIFER DASAL - Host of ArtCurious

"It’s hard to beat the accessibility and depth of Wondrium. As a lover of audio learning—and a creator of audio content myself—I see the true power in their library of programs.”

AARON MAHNKE - Creator of Lore

"We are lucky that in our universe, Wondrium is available for people to enjoy. Their superb collection of courses on fundamental physics and other sciences, taught by some of the best educators in the world, is a wonderful fit for lifelong learners like me and my Youtube audience. I can’t recommend them enough."

ARVIN ASH - Content Creator,

“Wondrium is SUCH a convenient way to take a course—because they’re taught by experienced professors, but since it’s streaming, you can watch it on faster speeds, with subtitles; do the exercises that are relevant to what you’re trying to learn; pause it when you get ideas; and rewind it when you get distracted—which is how I learn best.”

JESSICA MCCABE - Creator of How to ADHD