Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery
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What You Need: Fabrics, Floss, Needles & Hoops
1: What You Need: Fabrics, Floss, Needles & Hoops

Discover why hand embroidery is a terrific budget-friendly craft for all ages as Kat helps you assemble the best beginner-friendly supplies, including fabric, floss, needles and hoops.

17 min
Method: Transferring Designs
2: Method: Transferring Designs

Learn two easy ways to quickly transfer an embroidery design to fabric, then explore some additional methods to add to your embroidery toolkit.

9 min
Method: Hoop Up & Get Started Stitching
3: Method: Hoop Up & Get Started Stitching

Find out how to separate stranded floss, thread your needle, and hoop up your fabric. You'll start stitching with the running stitch, the most basic, yet versatile stitch in embroidery.

17 min
Learn & Practice: Straight & Outline Stitches
4: Learn & Practice: Straight & Outline Stitches

Here, Kat introduces stitch families. Find out how to use them in the class sampler as she demonstrates five easy stitches that allow you to outline any shape and make lines or expressive marks on your embroidery.

27 min
Learn & Practice: Spot Stitches & French Knots
5: Learn & Practice: Spot Stitches & French Knots

Find out how to add all-over texture and color to your sampler, plus all of your embroidery with simple spot stitches! Then Kat demystifies the French knot, a popular stitch that'll be your new favorite with just a little practice.

28 min
Learn & Practice: Looped Stitches
6: Learn & Practice: Looped Stitches

Curvy looped stitches are so much fun to make! See how to add five of them to your sampler, one by one.

14 min
Learn & Practice: Fill Stitches
7: Learn & Practice: Fill Stitches

Complete your sampler by coloring in the shapes with fill stitches, including the seed, satin, long and short stitches. Learn how to use other stitches as fill stitches to expand your possibilities!

14 min
Method: Working With Designs
8: Method: Working With Designs

Continue your embroidery journey by exploring a world of commercial embroidery designs. Or draw your own with Kat's handy tips for creating designs and choosing stitches.

14 min
Method: Letters & Numbers
9: Method: Letters & Numbers

Have something to say to the world? Stitch it! In this lesson, learn how to work with letters and numbers, including handwritten script, in your embroidery. Kat teaches you the couching technique to add to your stitch repertoire.

6 min
Method: Finishing Options
10: Method: Finishing Options

Wondering how to finish and display your sampler and other beautiful embroidery? Kat shows you how to transform them into pillows, sachets or patches. Or hang them on the wall in a plain or embellished hoop, or mounted on a stretched artist's canvas.

25 min
Method: Floss Management
11: Method: Floss Management

By now, you may be collecting embroidery floss in all colors. Kat helps you manage all those little skeins and labels by offering suggestions for bobbins and convenient cases, then shares a handy technique for color blending.

4 min
Apply It: Embroidering Denim
12: Apply It: Embroidering Denim

Flash back to the 1970s and learn to embroider jeans, jean jackets and more! Get tips for working with denim and heavier fabrics, with or without a hoop, for tricky areas such as pockets, collars and more.

15 min
Apply It: Embroidering Knits & More Embroidery Styles to Try
13: Apply It: Embroidering Knits & More Embroidery Styles to Try

Now you're ready to stitch on T-shirts, baby clothes and other stretchy knit fabrics! Find out how to use stabilizers for professional-looking results every time.

9 min
Kat McTee

Embroidery is really like painting with thread. It’s incredibly creative and pairs well with all of your other crafts.

About Kat McTee

Lifelong artist and maker, Kat McTee resides in Austin, Texas. She teaches embroidery, surface design, silkscreening and color theory to students at the Austin Museum of Art School, Dougherty Art Center, Studio 1408 and The Stitch Lab. Her textile work has been exhibited at the Houston International Quilt Show, Minnesota State Quilt Forum, Rockport Center for the Arts, and Textures Gallery in San Antonio. Kat is a graduate of the Surface Design program at the Southwest School of Art & Craft.

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