Knit Faster with Continental Knitting

Knit Faster with Continental Knitting
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The Knit Stitch
1: The Knit Stitch

Meet Lorilee Beltman and get started on learning the knit stitch, Continental-style. Whether you're a new knitter or a longtime English-style knitter, you'll appreciate Lorilee's clear instruction for tensioning and positioning the yarn in your hands and making knit stitches flow along your needles with maximum comfort and efficiency.

24 min
The Purl Stitch
2: The Purl Stitch

Get a handle on the purl stitch as Lorilee shows how to hold your yarn and move it into place for your needle to grab quickly and easily. You'll see how to keep awkward movements at a minimum and make sure your stitches are correctly oriented on your needles.

16 min
Sizing Stitches for Even Knitting
3: Sizing Stitches for Even Knitting

Depending on how you make your stitches, your knitting might end up too loose or too tight. Lorilee shows how this happens and explains how to make your stitch size just right.

13 min
Time Savers: Using Knit & Purl Together
4: Time Savers: Using Knit & Purl Together

Knitting Continental really comes in handy when you have to alternate frequently between knits and purls, such as in ribbing or seed stitch. Getting the working yarn to the front or back of your knitting is simply a matter of shifting your right hand. Lorilee shows you how to achieve this efficiency and how to keep the transition smooth.

14 min
Increases, Decreases & Other Maneuvers
5: Increases, Decreases & Other Maneuvers

Lorilee walks you through using Continental knitting with all of the common increases, decreases and other stitch maneuvers. With the yarn in your left hand, you'll find you're able to tackle elaborate patterns with ease!

44 min
Using Continental for Your Favorite Fabrics
6: Using Continental for Your Favorite Fabrics

Whether your favorite fabric includes lace, cables, linen stitch or even two-handed colorwork, Lorilee's got you covered. She shares her tips for tackling each with Continental knitting, including how to cable without a cable needle. Linen stitch and colorwork, especially, will be so much easier if you know how to hold the yarn with your left hand.

18 min
Troubleshooting & Practice
7: Troubleshooting & Practice

The way you hold your knitting might be causing you some pain. Lorilee shows some common pitfalls to avoid so that you can continue to enjoy your knitting. Similarly, you might find yourself struggling with keeping your tension and your stitches even. Lorilee shares troubleshooting strategies. Finally, learn about some small, fun projects you can work on as you practice your newfound Continental knitting skills!

20 min
Lorilee Beltman

My experiences as a yarn shop owner taught me the value of delivering an honest answer with kindness. Through teaching, I learned I love helping knitters push through their roadblocks.

About Lorilee Beltman

Lorilee Beltman is a Craft Yarn Council certified instructor and a TNNA designer and teacher who has taught at national events around the country since 2009. It was once Lorilee opened her own knitting business, City Knitting, that she realized her passion for spreading knowledge and helping knitters past their roadblocks. You can find some of her articles in respected magazines such as Twist Collective and Interweave Knits.

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