Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine

Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine
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1: Introduction

Learn five easy techniques to tackle any size quilt on a home sewing machine.

6 min
Discussing Design
2: Discussing Design

Design considerations, color, fabric, and thread choices. Ann shows some of her favorite quilts and talks about turning inspiration into quilted reality.

21 min
Getting Ready
3: Getting Ready

You'll learn how to spray baste safely, heat-set the adhesive with your iron, set up your workspace, and get your machine ready for stitching.

27 min
Whole Quilt
4: Whole Quilt

Strategies for working the whole quilt at once. Learn the secret to straight lines across a large quilt as you stitch in the ditch, mark, and quilt a pattern.

45 min
Split Batting
5: Split Batting

In this segment, Ann shows how to quilt your whole top across sections of batting you add one at a time.

37 min
Splitting the Top
6: Splitting the Top

Another approach to a large quilt is to divide the top into sections. Ann shows you how to work this way without fear.

37 min
Block by Block
7: Block by Block

Quilt-as-you-go techniques are increasingly popular. Ann teaches how to quilt individual blocks, then combine them.

43 min
Medallion Quilts
8: Medallion Quilts

A medallion quilting approach allows you to begin in the middle and work outward, quilting borders as you go.

46 min
Ann Petersen

My favorite quilting tool is my sewing machine.

About Ann Petersen

Ann Petersen has been sewing quilts since her childhood, and her work has been featured in numerous books, magazine and exhibitions. Ann’s quilts have won multiple awards, including first place at both the Houston International Quilt Festival and the American Quilter's Society Show in Paducah, Kentucky. She teaches quilting classes on Craftsy and around the US.

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