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Looking for the Great Courses Plus?

You probably expected The Great Courses Plus. Well, guess what? It seems you’ve wandered into the wonderful new world of Wondrium and you are likely wondering what happened.

Wondrium is still The Great Courses. But now, we’re so much more, too.

Read on dear friends and welcome to Wondrium. Your brain is going to love it here.

Let your mind go here.

Wondrium is the result of the folks behind The Great Courses stepping away from the podium to create even better, broader, bigger, and more mind-blowing educational experiences—and giving you even more reasons to love learning.

Oh, you’ll still find all your favorite video courses here. And they’ll still be great. But you’ll also find documentaries, tutorials, lessons, travel videos, and more.

If you’ve ever wondered about, well, anything… this will be your place. Welcome home.

Welcome to Wondrium.

The more that changes...

  • We’ve expanded our partners and category selection to cover even more subjects and topics
  • We are going beyond our traditional “courses” with new learning experiences including documentaries, exclusives, tutorials, and more
  • We’ve got a new look, logo, colors, and feel to celebrate the joy that comes with learning something new
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…the more that remains the same.

  • But never fear -- the content you love from
    The Great Courses is still here
  • We will continue to maintain carefully curated collections of academically comprehensive, relentlessly entertaining videos led by engaging experts
  • Your membership fees and benefits remain exactly the same
  • We’ll still be with you on your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or TV
  • And the DVDs you were able to get from are not going anywhere
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