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Want to know more about The Great Courses?

To make lifelong learning and personal enrichment a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone.

To offer the most diverse, mind blowing, non-fiction learning experiences to the world.

What is The Great Courses Plus?

The Great Courses Plus is the streaming home of more than 18,000 hours of engaging courses designed to enrich and improve your life. Academically comprehensive and relentlessly engaging, our courses bring lifelong learners face-to-face with the world’s greatest professors and subject matter experts on topics ranging from science and history to philosophy and religion to travel and professional growth. Always ad-free, The Great Courses Plus is the place to experience the pure joy of learning—anytime, anywhere.

About The Great Courses

It all began with just a few videotapes—and a situation we’ve all been in.

Thomas M. Rollins, the founder of The Great Courses, was just a law student at Harvard University facing an important exam for which he wasn’t prepared. Knowing his success depended not just on passing his exam but on understanding the material, Rollins obtained videotapes of 10 one-hour lectures by a noted authority on the subject. Rollins planted himself in front of his television set late at night and put the first tape into his VCR. And what he discovered changed his life.

The videotaped lectures were unlike anything Rollins had experienced in other lecture halls. They were outrageously insightful. Impressively thorough. Even engagingly witty. Most important: They hammered home concepts in a way that made the subject both accessible and interesting. They made learning not a chore to be accomplished but an adventure to be experienced.

Rollins played all 10 hours of videotaped lectures nearly nonstop. And, a few days later, he passed his exam. But he never forgot the unique power of recorded lectures by a great teacher—the way a bright mind could ignite a passion for lifelong learning. In 1990, Rollins founded The Great Courses to share that unforgettable experience with the rest of the world.

He never forgot the unique power of recorded lectures by a great teacher—and the way that a bright mind could ignite a passion for lifelong learning. And years later, in 1990, Rollins founded The Great Courses to share that unforgettable experience with the rest of the world.

Now, after more than 30 years and 20 million courses taken by lifelong learners, The Great Courses is excited to use The Great Courses Plus as another platform to make engaging, accessible courses available to all lifelong learners.


Meet The Great Courses

We believe in the power of learning to enrich our lives. Just ask our employees, including:

Course Development

“From script development to editing to studio taping, my time spent with each presenter is enlightening, challenging, and so gratifying. Our presenters are the magic ingredient in our courses and working with them is such an awesome experience. I’m constantly amazed by the passion and knowledge our presenters bring to their productions, and I love learning from them as we travel the content development road together.”

Juliet R., Writer/Producer

Course Filming

“Here in the studio we are dedicated to making the experience for the on-camera presenter as comfortable as possible so that they can deliver the best performance of their material. Before they even arrive we work with the producer and graphics department to create a unique and topical set for each production. The Great Courses has given us new opportunities to dive deeper into the visual creative process. It has opened up new ways to create striking and interesting visual productions that match the high level, quality material our presenters bring.” 

Roberto de M., Video Production Director

We seek out only the world’s greatest professors and experts to guide your learning experiences, including:

John McWhorter

John McWhorter, PhD

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University

Dorsey Armstrong

Dorsey Armstrong, PhD

Associate Professor of English and Medieval Literature at Purdue University

James Scott Bell

James Scott Bell, JD

award-winning novelist and writing instructor

Art Benjamin

Art Benjamin, PhD

Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, professional “Mathemagician”

Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore

award-winning professional photographer and a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine

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